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Substance Abuse and alcoholism in Irving, TX. is a problem affecting thousands of people. The destruction that drugs and alcohol can cause in society is evident throughout Irving on a daily basis. Drug Rehabilitation Facilities in Irving, TX. are available to help individuals fighting substance abuse problems that want sobriety and change in their lives.

Someone using drugs and/or alcohol is trying to cover up physical and/or emotional pain. A drug addicts' mind is absorbed in trying to get the next high, and an addict will do whatever they have to do to get it. Someone involved in the self-destructive world of drug or alcohol addiction does not want to live this way. A drug addict's attempts to cease substance abuse on their own will most likely result in relapse. This is because of an addict's physical dependence to the drug or alcohol that has developed over time. The Staff at Irving Drug Rehab Centers can successfully get an addict through the detoxification process and through these physical symptoms, known as withdrawal, to get him on the road to recovery.

At a Drug Treatment Facility in Irving, TX., an individual is nurtured by knowledgeable staff that knows what it takes to overcome substance abuse and addiction. The environment provided from a Drug Rehab Facility in Irving is an addicts best bet for successful recovery and treatment. The individual is able to concentrate on living a sober life, not in an environment that is triggering their addiction. While attending a Drug Treatment Center in Irving an individual can assess their life with a sober mind, learn from their mistakes, and start rebuilding their life piece by piece.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Irving, TX. give individuals the opportunity to rebuild their life. Give yourself or someone you love that opportunity by contacting a Drug Rehabilitation Program in Irving today.

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  • Texas Facts
  • An estimated 104,000 of the individuals with an illicit drug addiction or drug abuse problem in Texas over an one year period were between the ages of 12-17 years old (Annual Averages Based on 2002 and 2003 National Survey on Drug Use and Health).
  • 6.1% of the 9th grade students in Texas have reported using cocaine at least once.
  • The most common method of diversion of pharmaceutical controlled substances in Texas continues to be illegal and indiscriminate prescribing and doctor shopping.
  • Approximately 189,000 of the youth in Texas have reported using an illicit drug within the past month.
  • Irving, TX. Statistics
  • The population of Irving is 192610 with 98,166 Males and 94,444 Females.

    The population of Irving, Texas breaks down into the following age groups:

    Under Age 5: 15,605
    Age 5-9: 13,772
    Age 10-14: 11,996
    Age 15-19: 12,468
    Age 20-24: 17,534
    Age 25-34: 43,739
    Age 35-44: 32,065
    Age 45-54: 20,921
    Age 55-59: 7,397
    Age 60-64: 5,281
    Age 65-74: 7,112
    Age 75-84: 3,670
    Over 85: 1,050

    The Median age in Irving, Texas is 30.4

    Irving Summary
    Irving Area - 69.199996948242 Sq. Miles
    Land - 68.180000305176 Sq. Miles
    Water - 1.02 Sq. Miles

    The population Density in Irving is 2,824.84 People per Sq. Mile
    Elevation of Irving - 463 Feet
    Timezone - Central (GMT -6)

    Irving School Enrollment Breakdown
    Age 3 and Over enrolled in Irving schools - 48,107
    Irving children enrolled in Nursery or Preschool - 3,166
    Children in Irving enrolled in Kindergarten - 2,631
    Irving children enrolled in Elementary School - 22,273
    Irving Highschool Enrollment - 8,184
    Irving College Enrollment - 11,853

    Irving Economy and Employment
    Employment Breakdown:
    16 years and over - 109,930
    Total Males in Work Force in Irving - 61,178
    Total Females in Work Force in Irving - 48,752

    Occupation Breakdown in Irving:
    Management and Professional Occupation related jobs in Irving - 37,366
    Service related jobs in Irving - 12,727
    Sales and Office Related jobs in Irving - 31,040
    Forestry, Farming and Fishing related jobs in Irving - 164
    Construction and Maintenance related jobs in Irving - 11,033
    Production and Transportation related jobs in Irving - 12,798

    Irving Houselhold Income Breakdown:
    Household Income-
    Less than $10,000 - 4,310
    $10,000.00 - $14,999 - 3,100
    $15,000 - $24,999 - 8,869
    $25,000 - $34,999 - 11,582
    $35,000 - $49,999 - 14,928
    $50,000 - $74,999 - 16,627
    $75,000 - $99,999 - 8,242
    $100,000 - $149,999 - 5,675
    $150,000 - $199,999 - 1,672
    $200,000 or more - 1,750
    Average Household Income in Irving - $47,708.83
    Average Household Size in Irving - 2.31

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Irving, TX.
  • Compass
    South Macarthur Church Of Christ
    1401 S. Macarthur Blvd
    Irving, Texas 75060

    Meeting Times
    Mon., 2:00 PM
    Fri., 2:00 PM
  • Happy Destiny
    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
    2620 W. Grauwyler Road
    Irving, Texas 75061

    Meeting Times
    Tue., 2:30 PM
  • Irving
    618 East Irving Blvd
    Irving, Texas 75060

    Meeting Times
    Mon., 2:00 PM
    Sat., 2:00 PM
    Fri., 2:00 PM
    Thu., 2:00 PM
    Wed., 2:00 PM
    Tue., 2:00 PM
  • Irving 2
    618 East Irving Blvd
    Irving, Texas 75060

    Meeting Times
    Sat., unknown
  • Irving 3
    618 East Irving Blvd
    Irving, Texas 75060

    Meeting Times
    Sun., 2:30 PM
  • No Name
    St Luke's Episcopal Church
    5923 Royal Lane
    Irving, Texas 75063

    Meeting Times
    Fri., 2:00 PM
    Sun., 2:00 PM
    Mon., 2:00 PM
    Tue., 2:00 PM
    Wed., 2:00 PM
    Thu., 2:00 PM
    Sat., 2:00 PM
  • No Name 2
    St Luke's Episcopal Church
    5923 Royal Lane
    Irving, Texas 75063

    Meeting Times
    Sun., unknown
  • Simply Aa
    First United Methodist Church
    211 W 3rd St
    Irving, Texas 75060

    Meeting Times
    Thu., 2:00 PM
    Tue., 2:00 PM
  • The Gift Of Sobriety
    1350 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 135
    Irving, Texas 75038

    Meeting Times
    Mon., 6:00 PM
    Tue., 7:00 PM
    Wed., 6:00 PM
    Thu., 6:00 PM
    Fri., 6:00 PM
    Sat., 12:00 PM
    Sun., 9:30 AM
  • The Gift Of Sobriety 2
    The Gift Of Sobriety
    3501 N Macarthur Blvd
    Irving, Texas 75062

    Meeting Times
    Fri., unknown
    Thu., unknown
    Wed., unknown
    Tue., unknown
    Mon., unknown
    Sun., unknown
    Sat., unknown
  • Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Irving, TX.
  • Irving Group
    2003 North Britain Road
    Irving, Texas 75061
    Notes: Irving Group Open

    Meeting Times
    Fri., 12:00 PM
    Mon., 12:00 PM
    Sat., 10:00 AM
    Sun., 11:00 AM
    Thu., 12:00 PM
    Tue., 12:00 PM
    Wed., 12:00 PM